Results 30th April & 3rd May

Congratulations to U7 Colts, U8 Colts, U9 Colts Trophy Winners & U10 Colts Trophy Runners Up !


Pla  11   W  5   D  1   L  5   Gf  23   Ga  23

U8 Colts Trophy Final W 8-6 (AET, FT 5-5) v Bedhead Blues (A) MOM : Seb Perkins

U8 Youths W 5-2 v Westside (A)

U9 Colts Trophy Final W 2-1 v Bedhead Blues (A)

U10 Colts Broomwood Tournament (A) Finished 2nd

U11 Colts Trophy CG1 L 0-1 v Independent

U13 Colts v Tuff (H) L 3-4 (Frank 2, Mustafa) MOM : Acer Cristea

(had to use 4 of their players to make 11 !)

U13 Youths L 3-5 v Greenhouse (A)

U13 Youths L 1-3 v Greenhouse (H)

3rd May

U10 Juniors D 1-1 Trophy JG2 v Broomwood (H) (Rory) MOM : Rory Trimboli

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