Player Registration & Subscriptions

Clapham Rangers manage all player registrations and subscriptions with the Love Admin system (previously called Pay Subs Online or PSOL).  This system is used to collect player personal information and payments for all activities including each players subscriptions fees for the season, weekly Saturday development club fees and fees for holiday camps.

Current Members:

All active members can access their account on the Love Admin service clicking on the logo below:

New Player Online Registration Form:

New players before attending Saturday Development Squad, Holiday Camps or Trials please complete the registration form by filling in the online form below.  You will not be able to attend a session until you have completed this form for insurance purposes.

Please note that Love Admin operates under the Direct Debit mandate so payments can take up to 10 working days to be taken out of your account from point of registration to pay your annual subscription fees (for squad players). Please make sure that the funds are available for this time. If paying by installments, the second and third installments will be taken out automatically 3 months and 6 months after the first installment.