Clapham Rangers is run by  volunteer committee members and each of our team have dedicated coaching staff who are managed by our founder and Director of Football Gary Clark.

If you are interested in volunteering to join our committee please contact the club via the email

If you are interested in joining our coaching staff please contact our Director Of Football via the email

Name Job
Simon Milson Club Chairman
Football Management
Name Job
Gary Clark Director of Football & Welfare Officer
Wallace Hermitt Head Coach
Team Coaches
Name Team
Anton Tavernier-Gustave U11 Youths (2006/07)
Arthur Yates U8 Colts 2017/18 (2009/10)
Christopher Sullivan U12 Colts (2005/06)
Gary Clark U15 Colts (2002/03)
Cole Salewicz U10 Colts (2007/08), U8 Youths (2009/10)
Darren Annon U14 Colts (2003/4)
Jason Martin U7 Colts (2010/11)
Johan Nazari Diaz U12 Juniors (2005/06)
Joshua Blagden U12 Youths (2005/06)
Luke Humpage U11 Colts (2006/07), U16 Colts (2001/02)
Michael Parper U11 Juniors (2006/07)
Milen Tanev U13 Colts (2004/05)
Reece Jackson Hughes U10 Youths (2007/08)
Ruben Fonseca Oliveira U9 Youths (2008/09)
Stefan Zort U10 Juniors (2007/08)
Wes Tyerman U9 Colts (2008/9)
Committee Members
Name Job
Bene Welsh Club Secretary
Corina Sylira Sponsorship Coordinator
Jon Perkins Treasurer
Nikki Kennedy League Registration Coordinator
Raoul Chatterjee Website & Social Media Coordinator
Stephanie Cox Kit Coordinator
Thierry Daeschner Pay Subs Online Payments Coordinator