About The Club

Clapham Rangers FC is a very popular youth football club based in Clapham, south-west London. The club was founded in 2006 with only one U10’s team; now there are 20 Clapham Rangers sides, from U7 to U16. Well over 300  boys and girls are members of Clapham Rangers FC, with a further 60+ children turning up to our weekly Saturday morning development training sessions.

The Clapham Rangers teams play in the London Saturday Youth Football League. We are a non-profit making organisation and were awarded charitable status in 2020.

Clapham Rangers is a Registered Charity (1188214)
  • Club Aims and Ambitions 

Our coaches believe that every child can take a great deal of enjoyment from playing the beautiful game and they are committed to helping young players develop to their full potential. In addition to competitive games on Saturdays, the teams train at least once a week to help build their fitness and to learn new skills and to work on match tactics.

The Club believes football teaches many life lessons beyond the game itself. The emphasis is on building a positive mental attitude and learning to cope with defeat as well as celebrating victories. The coaches insist on good behaviour and respect – for the match officials, teammates, rival teams and coaches.

Training sessions offer a fun, secure place to play football and the boys become good friends as well as great players.

  • Charitable Purpose

Our charitable purpose is defined as “The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of children and young people aged 21 and under residing in Clapham and surrounding areas in London by the provision of facilities for playing football.”

We are a grassroots football club led by a Board of Trustees, all of whom are volunteers. We make no profit and reinvest any excess into the club, such as new kit, equipment and training and match play facilities.

  • How does the club operate?

It is run by volunteers and uses the membership fees to pay for an administrator and a coach for each of the 20 teams and book pitches and training grounds.

  • What facilities are available at the club?

Hired pitches on Clapham Common and training facilities of local sports clubs and schools.

  • What are the membership requirements of the club?

There is an annual member fee. The Club also offers bursaries for families who can not afford the full fee.

  • How can new members join?

Children and young adults will go through trials and their ability is assessed to ensure they play in teams of similar skill sets.

  • What are the benefits of the organisation’s purposes?

We provide footballing opportunities to children and young adults (U21) and this limits its benefits to a group of people with a shared protected characteristic of age and footballing ability.

  • What services or facilities does the club charge for and how much does it charge?

We charge an annual fee of £360 to join Clapham Rangers FC. The fee pays for coaches, pitches, Nike kit, matches and training, and  administration like FA and league registration fees and public liability insurance.

Clapham Rangers is one of only nine community clubs in London supported by Nike.

We play on Clapham Common, an economically diverse part of central London, with a mix of social and private housing. We attract a diverse mix of children playing football. We are adamant we want to maintain and promote racially and economically diverse teams, that best represents the community in which we live.

  • What provision will or do the trustees make for the community to benefit?

We live in an area of London where there are families who can not afford to join Clapham Rangers which is why we award bursaries for children from low income families. We aim to have 20% of our players on bursaries. We fundraise twice a year to invest in our bursary scheme.

We believe in strength through diversity and this is part of the Club’s philosophy. We are a meeting point for people from different backgrounds and cultures. We want our players to reflect the community in which we live and in return we will offer a fun, safe and rewarding place to play football.