COVID-19 Safeguarding Assessment

In line with FA Guidelines Clapham Rangers will be publishing the findings of its COVID-19 risk assessment.

Clapham Rangers FC - COVID-19 Safeguarding Assessment
Development Centre, Girls’ Academy, squad training and League matchesClapham Common Northside, opposite Wix Lane and Victoria Rise
Cole Salewicz,
REVIEW DATE - MonthlyNEXT REVIEW DUE: 10th October 2020
RISK ASSESSMENT TAKEN BY:Cole Salewicz, Club Covid-19 Officer
Checked by Club Committee Member: Simon Millson, Club Chairman
[Ratified by the Board]
Emergency Action PlanYes
Location of nearest defibrillator Clapham Common tube station and La Baita cafe by the Bandstand on Clapham Common
Name of designated runner to bring defibrillator on siteCole Salewicz
Location of any access barrier keysNone
Emergency Vehicle accessYes
Air ambulance landing stationYes - Clapham Common
Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance Yes
Area of Risk Is there an additional risk to children and to disabled or impairment-specific participants (children & adults) Risk Rating Red Amber Green (RAG) Solution/mitigation (Consider what if....?) Solution/mitigation RAG rating Review post-activity and by whom
Parents briefed on activity and have given informed written consent to do activity YesAmberCRFC will contact all parents and guardians of our players. If parents do not consent then their child will not be able to participate in our activities. Parents to communicate with coaches via Whatsapp groups set up for all age groups. GreenCOVID 19 Officer will check we have received parental consent before all activities start and inform the relevant coaches if consent hasn’t been given
Data Privacy Policy/ Notices updated to cover data handling of attendees to aid NHS Test and TraceYesRedThe club will communicate to all club members via email that the data privacy policy has been updated to cover data handling of attendees to aid NHS Test and Trace. All parents of children participating in club activities are asked to check in using the NHS Covid 19 app by scanning the club’s QR code which Team Coordinators will present at matchdays. GreenCOVID 19 Officer will check all members have received the updated data privacy policy. The club will repeatedly remind all parents to use the NHS Covid 19 app and scan the QR code to log their children’s attendance.
Covid-19 protocols briefings shared and practiced with committee, coaches, volunteersYesRedCRFC will communicate guidelines to all committee members and coaches prior to the season starting. Coaches have been instructed to take immediate action where necessary in all training and match play sessions following the protocols of the club and up to date FA/government guidelines. If players are shielding they will not be able to attend any activities as we cannot guarantee their safety. GreenCoaches to inform COVID-19 officer and head coach should they have any concerns. The COVID officer and head coach to inform the committee.
COVID-19 protocols briefings done with club members YesRedThe club will communicate to all club members via email the FA Guidance and rules, up-to-date government guidelines, the clubs risk assessment and club protocols. These guidelines are available on the club’s website. GreenCOVID-19 to follow up on Whatsapp groups to ensure all members have received the information
Participants trained to do self-screen checks before travelling to sessionYesRedThe club have instructed all members: coaches, parents, committee members to self-assess prior to any participation in activities. If players are unable to attend due to any sign of symptoms they are to inform their coach via the Whatsapp groups set up for all age groups and teams. AmberCOVID-19 officer to check all attendance registers are received via Teamer and Whatsapp groups for league games/training. Development centre attendees are listed on our Love-admin register. Coaches to run a register via Whatsapp group with parents to record all players who arrive and that all players have left the venue.
Coaches trained to check that self- screen checks have been done and were all negative.YesRedAll volunteers at our development centre will instructed to ask self-assessment questions to all parents, guardians, players, coaches, volunteers. We have instructed all parents that any signs of symptoms means you cannot attendAmberCOVID-19 officer to check attendance registers after each weekend to ensure this is being monitored correctly
Using external venues for training/match play YesRedWhen CRFC players/coaches use other venues for training/match sessions, then the risk assessment from that specific venue must be adhered to, along with CRFC’S own protocols and FA/Government Guidelines. We are in touch with our venues regarding their own track and trace procedures which we are adhering too. We remind our parents scan the QR code of each venue and check in using the NHS Covid 19 app. AmberCoaches to inform the COVID officer and head coach of any concerns. Committee to be informed

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