Letter from Chairman 17th April

Dear Parents,

We at Clapham Rangers do hope you are all safe and sound.

It is now a month since we stopped playing football. We are however still planning to begin the new season in September. The Board of Clapham Rangers is meeting weekly to discuss plans and we will soon be contacting you all about signing up for the new season.

Since we are in an extended lockdown, we are also rolling out a programme of activities for the coaches to remain in contact with their teams, although some coaches may not be in a position to support this initiative from their home.

Our Head Coach will also work with the coaches to improve their skills and knowledge. We will ask coaches to invoice us for their time doing these activities from April onwards until the end of the season.

Clapham Rangers’ coaches are not employed directly by the club and most have ‘day jobs’ which provide their main income. Typically coaches work around 3-4 hours a week and invoice us for their time each month. Some coaches – including our Administrator and Secretary & Head Coach – do more hours and continue to do paid work for Clapham Rangers during the lockdown.

We have already asked coaches to invoice us for the whole of March. (We cancelled training and matches on Monday 16 March, a week before the Government announced a full lockdown.)

Some coaches may experience hardship during the lockdown, especially if they lose their main day job. We are looking at establishing a hardship fund to support them if possible. A hardship fund is one way that, as a charity, we overcome the fact the coaches are not employees but we can continue to support them while the club’s football activities are paused.

We understand it is not only our coaches who may experience hardship during this crisis. We are always open to bursary applications and are committed as ever to fundraising for these in the coming season.

At this point in the season much of the club’s costs are fixed and already paid – equipment, kit, training venues, league fees, insurance, administration and support fees.

The Board is not intending to offer a refund for the remainder of the season. A refund, if it were offered, would be minimal and logistically challenging to implement. Instead, we will invest the money in supporting the club, coaches and members through this very difficult time.

Clapham Rangers Board members are volunteers and offer their time and expertise supporting the club in rolling out quality football for our community. We are currently looking for someone to join the sponsorship team – iIf you are interested please do get in touch at info@claphamrangersfc.com.

We wish you all well and will do our best to keep in touch over the coming weeks.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Simon Millson, Chairman

Clapham Rangers FC

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