Coaches Professional Development Event – 10th May 2019

CRFC  is holding a Coaches Professional Development event  on Friday the 10th May at Ferndale Community Sports Centre

Facilitating the CPD…

Chris Ramsay, QPR Technical Director, Played for BHAFC FA Cup finalist, Tottenham Hotspurs 1st Team Head Coach, QPR 1st Team Manager

along with…….

Dr. Colin King (BACA) and Michael Bennett PFA Head of Player welfare

“The journey from grassroots into the professional game”

The program starts at 5.30pm – 7.30pm with each person delivering a 10 minute  presentation:  The practical session will commence at 6.00pm then a classroom session which engages coaches with the psychological aspect of working with young people and how we have a positive impact at their vulnerable ages.

@ Ferndale Community Sports centre: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

We aim to deliver:

  • Professional Discussion on Grassroots to Pro football the journey
  • Coaching session: Development of young people in sport
  • Child Safeguarding and Welfare roles & responsibilities of a coach
  • A variety of cpd workshops season 2019/2020 i.e. at Various Academies, Arsenal FC, Fulham FC, QPR FC and St Georges Park, etc.… opportunities to network for progressive coaches

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