Results 5th January 18/19

Pl  5    W  2     L   3       Gf  6     Ga  19

Team of the Week :  U12 Juniors

Player of the Week : Julio (U16s)

Coach of the Week : Ramon Tavernier-Gustave (U12 Juniors)

U12 Colts v Lambeth Tigers (A) L 1-2 (Ravohn) MOM : Boris & Djibril

U12 Juniors v Sporting Duet (H) W 2-1 (ht 0-1) (Hadee 2) MOM : Freddie & Giacomo

Cup (last 16) U13 Colts v AFC Nasaa (A) Cancelled (we did not have enough players available)

U14s v Most Wanted (H) L 0-10

U15s v Broomwood Barbarians (A) L 0-6

U16s v Broomwood Griffins (A) W 3-0 (ht 1-0) (Callum B 2, Joel) MOM : Joel

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