Dutch Soccer Youth Cup 2017/18 Results

Dutch Soccer Youth Cup 2017/18

Dutch Soccer Youth Cup

Saturday 26th May

U11 Youths

Pool D

 v vv Rhoon (NL)  Away Win Awarded

v Dynamic Coaching (IRE)  L 0-3

v SVS (NL)   L 1-2

Day 2 Shield

v SKV Wageningen (NL)    W 2-0

v VVIJ (NL)   W 3-0

v sv Ommoord (NL)   W 3-0

Winners of Shield Group

Player of the Tournament =


U12 Colts

Pool A

v vv Nieuwerkerk (NL)    D 0-0

v Broughty United (SCO)   D 0-0

v ASV de Dijk 1 (NL)     L 0-1

Day 2 Shield

v U11 Colts  D 0-0

v Drumsagard FC (SCO)  L 0-2

v SVS A (NL)    W 1-0

Player of the Tournament =


U11 Colts (playing in U12s)

Pool B

v   sv Ommoord (NL)  L 0-1

v    FC Langenthal (CH)  L 1-2

v    sv Leidschenveen (NL)   W 3-0

Day 2 Shield

v U12 Colts  D 0-0

v SVS A (NL)  D 1-1

v Drumsagard FC (SCO)    D 0-0

Player of the Tournament =



Pool G

v  VVOR (NL)  D 0-0

v   Berkswich FC (ENG)  W 4-0 (Jahvan, Lucas, Marco, Prince)

v  HSV Duno (NL)  W 2-1 (Jahvan, Prince)

Day 2 Dutch Youth Cup

v FC Honka (Fin) L 0-1

v vv Drechtstreek (NL) L o-1

v FC Hammerby (Swe) L 0-2

Shield Final

SG Essen Schonebeck (GER)     L 0-1

Player of the Tournament = Prince                                                    



Pool   D

v   vv Nieuwerkerk (NL)   D 0-0

v   South Gloucester F.D. (ENG) L 1-2 (Thomas)

v   DOVO (NL)   L 0-3

Day 2 Shield

v Nelson Thomlinson School A (ENG)  L 0-1

v SVS (NL) W 1-0 (Thomas)

v sv Ommoord (NL) W 1-0 (Joel)

Finished Joint top of Shield

Player of the Tournament = Julio


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