Results 25th March 17


Pla  15     W  6     D  3      L          Gf   43       Ga   38

Congratulations to U8 Colts & U10 Colts in getting to the Cup Semi-Finals !

Fair Play League U15s W 5-4 (HT 3-2) v Independent (H) (Rasharn, Jered,Mohommed,  , GlodiMOM : Jered Mills

U14s D 1-1 (Ht 0-0) v Club Santacruzense (A) (Sahil) MOM : Joel Rooney

Fair Play League U13s D 1-1 v Broomwood Braves (A) (Finn) MOM : Dylan Temple-Morris

U12 Colts Friendly D 3-3 v Broomwood (A) (Jahvan 3) MOM : Jahvan Ball

U12 Youths L 0-5 v St Mathews (A) MOM : Bear Kearon

(Unlucky,we hit the woodwork 4 times & cleared off the line 3 times !)

U11 Colts Cup Q/F L 2-3 v Broomwood Falcons (A)

U11 Youths Friendly L 3-5 v Independent (A)

U11 Juniors L 3-4 v Brunswick (A)

U10 colts Cup 3rd rnd W 3-0 v  U10 Juniors (Juniors MOM : Will)

U10 Youths W 6-3 v Brunswick (A) (Ravohn 3, Reuban) MOM : Reuban

U9 Youths Cup Q/F L 3-6 v Westside (H)

U8 Colts Cup Q/F W 4-2 v Balham Blazers (A) MOM : Theo & Wilbur

U8 Youths W 6-3 v Westside (A) MOM : Milo

U7s W 3-0 v Bedhead (H) (Mathew, Callum  2) MOM : Callum Stewart


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