U12s Sporting Duet vs Clapham Rangers Colts (A) 11/03/2017

  •  Type of Match: League
  •  Venue: King George’s Playing Fields, SW18
  •  Squad: Marco Bullock, Nicholas Boyle, Alvaro de Calonje, Nico Dykes, Zak Lavender, Matheo Mesny
  • Xaver Mills, Ugo Nguyen, Kamran Pradhan, Henry Shippey, Robert Sloan, Oscar Turpin
  •  Result: Sporting Duet 2   Clapham Rangers 1
  •  Scorer: Robert Sloan
  •  Man of the Match: Awarded by the Coach to Nicholas Boyle

Match Summary  (by Mike Boyle)

It was a fine spring-like morning in SW18 as the teams gathered for what could be the final match of what has been for Clapham Rangers a disappointing season. Would they make it a fine finish to the season and come away with a long anticipated victory?

At 10:05 the game kicked off and the first 8 minutes were pretty even with Rangers showing their usual determination.  At 10:08 a ball over the top nearly reached its target, the Lions striker, but goalkeeper Zak got to the ball in the nick of time and gathered it up safely.

The Lions are a largely French speaking team and their coach was encouraging them with many allez’s.

However with 10 minutes on the clock Rangers had a corner. Xavier whipped in a menacing ball to the centre of the goal for an unmarked and alert Robert to slot the ball home with coolness and precision. 0-1.

The away fans were singing now.  Was today going to be the day that Rangers could turn the season round and get the result which their talents deserve?

A few minutes later another ball through the middle for the Lions and a shot on goal but Zak gathered the ball to keep Rangers ahead.

15 minutes on the clock and another Lions attack loomed but Marco defended well and cleared the ball.  Likewise Nick slid in the halt another forward movement from the Lions.

Another corner for Rangers and this time Oscar headed the ball just wide.

With 26 minutes on the clock when would the referee blow the whistle for the break?  A corner for the Lions.  The ball was floated high into the middle of the box and met by a Lions striker who headed the ball into the net. 1-1. The French were smiling now.

The second half followed a similar pattern to the first half with neither side really dominating. Kamran continued to work hard down the left hand side where much of the play occurred.

5 minutes in and Alvaro made a strong clearance to keep the Lions at bay.

Halfway through the second half and the Lions push into the Rangers penalty area. Rangers were up against it and in a crowded box a leg went out and the Lions striker fell to the floor.  All looked to the referee and the whistle went.  Penalty to the Lions.

The penalty was struck high and wide towards the goal, Zak got to the ball but it was too strong and the ball was in the back of the Rangers net for the second time this morning 2-1.

Rangers worked hard to get the equalizer and defended well with Henry making a great clearance to keep the Lions in sight.

Kamran came off and Oscar came back on.  At 11:12, with the final whistle looming Rangers were awarded a throw on.  An attack was on and the ball fell to Xavier who turned and shot well towards the goal. There was a gasp from the parents but alas the shot was wide.

Time was up and though the sun was still shining the Rangers team were left with that familiar feeling of another one that got away.

Individually all the Rangers players fought hard today. Surely the boys’ fortunes will turn soon and the results will mirror the effort and undoubted ability the Rangers team has.

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