Results 17th December 16/17

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Results: 17th December:

Pla   2      W   1      L   1        Gf  8    Ga   5

U13 Youths W 6-2 v FC Porto (H)

U12 Colts L 2-3 (HT 1-1) v Sporting Duet Tigers (H) (Marco, Jahvan) MOM : Jahvan Ball

In-house Xmas Challenge Matches

U7 Colts W 1-0 v U8 Youths

U8 Colts W 4-3 v U9 Youths

U9 Colts W 6-2 v U10 Juniors

U10 Colts W 5-1 v U10 Youths

U11 Youths W 3-1 v U11 Juniors

7th January = Next Matches & Week Commencing 9th January = Next Training

Happy Holidays & A Happy New Year To All !


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