U12s Lambeth Tigers vs. Clapham Rangers Colts (24/09/2016)

Type of Match: League

Venue: Ruskin Park, Denmark Hill, SE5 8EL

 Squad: Josiah Adams, Jahvan Ball, Nicholas Boyle, Dan Claydon, Alvaro de Calonje, Nico Dykes, Joshua Jones, Zak Lavender, Matheo Mesny, Xavier Mills, Ugo Nguyen, Kamran Pradham, Robert Sloan, Oscar Turpin

 Result: Lambeth Tigers 7 – Clapham Rangers 2

 Scorer: Dan Claydon  (2)

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Man of the Match

Awarded by the Coach jointly to Alvaro de Calonje and Dan Claydon

Alvaro defended the Clapham Rangers half tirelessly – with spectacular clearances, a magnificent header that almost passed the halfway line and a number of skillful interceptions.

Dan’s speed, footwork and clever positioning resulted in two great goals for Clapham Rangers.

Match Summary

As one of the spectators commented, it was a game of two halves ….

The first half was as difficult as it was frustrating.  Clapham Rangers struggled to get into the match, with the Lambeth Tigers dominating throughout the first half.  With at least 75% possession, it was inevitable that Lambeth Tigers would find the goal – and they did.  The half time scoreline did not reflect the performance of some key Clapham Rangers defenders.  Once again, Zak displayed an array of spectacular saves.  Robert stood strong with a number of quick and vital interceptions and Alvaro consistently broke through Lambeth Tigers’ set pieces, clearing the ball and putting it back into Clapham Rangers’ possession.  Half time score was 5-0 to the Lambeth Tigers.

Clapham Rangers attacked the second half with increased confidence, speed and focus.  The result was some impressive football from the visitors.  5 minutes in and Dan, taking a corner, curled the ball straight into the goal, to bring the score to 5-1.  Nico, took a free kick 5 minutes later and struck the ball beautifully – just narrowly missing the top of the goal.  Moments afterwards more ‘Clever Claydon Footwork’ enabled Dan to find his way past a string of defenders, including the Lambeth Tigers goalkeeper, and chipped a stunning goal into the net, over the last man’s head.  This brought the score to 5-2.  Clapham Rangers continued to put pressure on the Lambeth Tigers defence but could not find the back of the net.  Late into the second half Lambeth Tigers scored two goals in quick succession.  The final score was 7-2 to Lambeth Tigers.

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