New Sponsors Announcement


We are delighted to announce that Clapham Rangers FC’s teams will be sponsored by three local businesses for the coming season.

knightfrankOur local Knight Frank team sell and let residential property across Clapham. Knight Frank’s unrivalled insight and excellent track record contributes to their status as one of Clapham’s most experienced and respected property agents. Dedicated to Clapham’s lively and sociable community,

Knight Frank is the shirt sponsor for the following Clapham Rangers teams; U10 Colts, U10 Youths, U10 Juniors, U12 Colts, U12 Youths & U15 Colts

northcote Northcote Chiropractic Clinic offers family-friendly chiropractic care for everyone from newborns and upwards, just off Northcote Road. NCC’s tailored treatments facilitate full spinal motion and nerve function, in order to balance the body for optimum performance. To book an initial consultation call 020 7350 1100  The body’s alignment may be altered through slips, falls and  stress, which our body will then try to compensate for. For footballers, identifying imbalances and compensatory patterns early can prevent overuse injuries, as well as improve performance and footwork. Click here for Emma Burniston’s take on how chiropractic care relates to football

Northcote Chiropractic Clinic is the shirt sponsor for the following Clapham Rangers teams; U7 Colts, U9 Colts, U9 Youths, U13 Colts & U13 Youths

higginsHiggins Estates is a South-London based private development and investment property company, set up by Paul Higgins (who also happens to be a Clapham Rangers parent) in 1988.

Renowned for its good service and speedy problem-solving, Higgins Estates lets out commercial and residential properties to both private and state-funded tenants, with the majority of its portfolio in the Tooting and Balham areas.

Higgins Estates is the shirt sponsor for the following Clapham Rangers teams; U8 Colts, U8 Youths, U11 Colts, U11 Youths, U11 Juniors & U14 Colts

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