5th & 6th March Results

Pla 15   W  8   L  7    Gf  67   Ga  48


U7 Colts Trophy CG1 v Westside (A) W 9-1 (Anand, Ossien 2, Theo 6) MOM : Theo Tabraham & Ossien Rowlnds

U8 Colts Trohy CG1 v Tooting Park Rangers (A) W 13 -1 MOM : Sal Swinburne

U8 Youths v Aspire (H) W 4-3

U9 Colts Trophy CG1 v Bedhead Blues (H) W 11 -1

U9 Youths Trophy YG1 v Westside (A) 3-1

U10 Colts Trophy CG1 v Club Santacruzense (H) W 14-1 MOM : Louis Hodgson (6 Goals)

U10 Youths v Independent (A) W 2-1

U10 Juniors Trophy JG2 v Raising stars (A) L 1-3

U11 Youths Trophy CG2 v Lambrth Tigers (A) L 1-14 (Billy) MOM : Jack Hemmings

(score line does not reflect how well the 7 boys played)

U11 Inters v Most Wanted (H) L 1-3

U12 Colts v Santley Utd (H) L 2-3 (Finley, Armani) MOM : Finn Tozer

U12 Youths v Broomwood Barbarians (A) L 1-2 MOM : Kadmiel Anderson

U13 Colts v Bedhead Blues (A) L 1-2 (Ht 0-2) (Sahil) MOM : Sahil Shanvare

U13 Youths Shield v Tuff (A) L 0-10 (only 9 players)

6th March

U12 Colts v Ex Blues (A) W 4-0 (Charlie 2, Harry, Jaevon) MOM : Charlie Kuhl


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