U7 Trophy v Afeewee (A)

Date: Sat 30th January

Fixture: Afewee Urban v Clapham Rangers

Type: Trophy G1

Venue: Ruskin Park

Squad: Max Graham, Kit Hemmings, Luca Hyde, Roan Kennedy, Wilbur Knight, Ossian Rowlands, Jasper Pestonji, Theo Tabraham, Nathas Tyerman-Jones.

Result:Β 3-2

Scorers:Β Nathas Tyerman-Jones-1, Theo Tabraham-1

Men of the Match: Nathas Tyerman-Jones and Roan Kennedy

Brief Match summary:

After a tense and competitive start to the game, Clapham were soon ahead but Afewee equalised not long after and went ahead on the stroke of half time. The second half also proved to be real test of the boys determination and despite fighting hard, Clapham found themselves 3-1 down within ten minutes of the re-start. However, showing a real will get back into the game, Clapham rallied and after a period of sustained pressure pulled a goal back. From there, they continued to push forward at every opportunity and were unlucky not to get back on level terms before the final whistle. This was a really competitive, exciting game with special mentions this week to Nathas Tyerman-Jones, and Roan Kennedy for their excellent performances and overall contributions.

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