5th & 6th Dec Results

Pla 15  W 9   D 1  L 5   GF 46   GA 26

U7 Colts W 4-0 Bedhead Azzurri (H) (Anand, Ossien 2, Theo) MOM : Ossien Rowlands

U8 Colts L 1-2 Bedhead Blue (H) MOM : Ollie Stevens

U8 Youth L 2-7

U9 Colts D 2-2 Lambeth All Stars (H)

U9 Youths W 2-0 AFC Wandsworth (A) (Wani 2)

U10 Colts W 3-0 Raising Stars (A)

U10 Youths W 7-2 Sporting Duet (A)

U10 Juniors W 4-1 St Mathews (A) (Ollie 2, Albie, Will) MOM : Max Checketts

U11 Colts W 14-2 Evolution (A)

U11 Inters W 2-0 Camberwell Fire (A) MOM : MarliLaverick

U12 Youths W 1-0 Bedhead Azzurri (A) MOM : Team

U12 Juniors L 1-3 (HT 0-0) (Jacob) MOM : Oliver Hector (took the lead with only 8 players, ran out of steam last 10min)

U13 Colts W 2-1 (HT 1-0) Sporting Duet (A) (Sahil, Charlie (pen) MOM: Max Doyle

Started with 8 players, 1 nil up with 9, 10 just before HT !

U14 Colts L 0-1 Sporting Duet (A)

6th Dec

U12 Colts v Bromlet (A) Postponed (not enough players)

U13 Colts v Chipstead (A) L 1-5 (HT 0-3) (George) MOM : Acer Cristea

Seb Clark; Joel Rooney, Gabriel Robbins, Tom Chiabi (C), George Stephenson; Jake Butler,

Oscar Muirhead, Charlie Humphreys, Acer Cristea, Will Pavry, Edgar Robbins;

Sub : Sahil Shanvare



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